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Being founded in 1906, Azbil Corporation devotes to developing the core technology of testing and controlling, and providing transducers, vales, regulators, and all-round services such as systems, software and maintenance which make Azbil Corporation the leading position in Japan. During the long period of development, Azbil Corporation has got good reputation by providing automation in industry, factory and providing innovation in building.  

In pursuit of "human-centered automation," our aim is to be a corporate group that helps to solve the problems faced by our customers.

Since our establishment in 1906, we have pursued measurement and control technologies, delivering unique solutions to our customers. In April 2012, we changed our company name from Yamatake Corporation to Azbil Corporation, making the azbil brand familiar to many people. Today, the azbil Group provides unique levels of customer-oriented value in offices, production sites, and daily life all over the world through its three business segments: Building Automation, Advanced Automation, and Life Automation.
Fiscal year 2019 is the last year of the three-year medium-term management plan. To achieve the objectives of this plan, we are pursuing three fundamental policies: (1) Being a long-term partner for the customer and the community by offering solutions based on our technologies and products; (2) Taking global operations to the next level by expanding into new regions and a qualitative change of focus; and (3) Being a corporate organization that never stops learning, so that we can continuously grow stronger. Taking inspiration from the idea of "going beyond automation," we will strengthen the life-cycle solutions business globally while also developing new automation fields and expanding environmental and energy fields, in order to enable sustained growth.
Going forward, the azbil Group will continue forging ahead as a unified corporate group able to help solve various issues by creating new levels of value in partnership with customers at their sites and contributing to the development of a sustainable society, through the pursuit of "human-centered automation" that liberates people from drudgery and provides them with happiness brimming with joy and fulfillment.

  Hirozumi Sone
  President and Chief Executive Officer
  Azbil Corporation

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