CV3000 Alphaplus Control Valves(AGVB/AGVM)

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1. New size design of adjusting valve;
2. Little leak design , the standard achieves IEC V;
3. Have the characters of small size, little weight, little loss by pressure, big flow area, good flow control, high precision, good vibration resistance, good security, and good control and shutting down.
4. The intelligent localizer of valve is the unique technique of Azbil which is at the leading position compare with other localizers in the same trade and is the important assurance of controlling industrial adjusting valve. This kind of intelligent localizer of valve can provide totally automatic adjusting function with good quality of security, low maintenance cost and long use life.

CV3000 Alphaplus Control Valves(AGVB/AGVM)
The type CV3000 Alphaplus valve is a kind of new adjusting valve with high capacity, big CV and wide adjusting range. The valve body and new spring manipulator are designed and produced for pursuing best flow control depending on flow analyze. It has the characters of small coverage, low installation cost and short maintenance time.
SVP3000 Aluphaplus AVP300/100 smart valve positioners
The type SVP3000 Alphaplus localizer is a kind of intelligent electric valve localizer. The adjustment becomes more convenient through equipping microprocessor. One kind of localizer can be used in different kinds of styles and specifications. The additional function is the signal change & conveyance can be chosen.

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