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Being founded in 1906, Azbil Corporation devotes to developing the core technology of testing and controlling, and providing transducers, vales, regulators, and all-round services such as systems, software and maintenance which make Azbil Corporation the leading position in Japan. During the long period of development, Azbil Corporation has got good reputation by providing automation in industry, factory and providing innovation in building.  

Dear sir or madam,
Formulation of the group philosophy and group symbol
Azbil Corporation and the Azbil Group companies have served both society and customers by providing solutions to saving energy and resources based on sophisticated measurement and control technologies and extensive experience and know-how acquired over the years. As we mark our 100th anniversary, our operating environment is undergoing major change. Society's and customers' expectations of us are also changing.
These conditions prompted us to clarify our raison d'etre and readdress how we can live up to it.
'To realize "safety, comfort and fulfillment" through "human-centered automation," and contribute to the global environment.' This is the new group philosophy we formulated, together with the new group symbol, azbil (Automation?Zone?Builder), which encompasses our group philosophy.
azbil will be implemented as the symbol of the Azbil Group starting October 1, 2006.
We will devote ourselves to realizing our group philosophy based on our group symbol, azbil.
We appreciate your continued support.

  Hirozumi Sone
  President and Chief Executive Officer
  Azbil Corporation

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