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CV3000 Alphaplus Control Valves(AGVB/AGVM)

211 Air ctrol Valves
Actival Integrated Rotary Valves

BA/BZ Micro Switch
Air Flow Switch


1. Small sized and little weight control valve with valves & performer together.
2. Electric proportion valve apply to cold & warm water and to steam.
3. Have the character of adjustable proportion at 50:1 and flow rate at same percentage.
4. Water proof valves can be used outside.
5. Low power presumption and long life.
6. Wide adjusting scope and low leaking amount.
7. Have various control conveying signals to be chosen.
8. Easy to be equipped and can be installed to air-conditioner and freezing machine.
9. Locking lever be used in controlling ball valve. You can connect and separate the valves and drivers by turning locking lever which make maintenance more easy.

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